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Guidance for running sandbox trainings

Twenty-nine landowners and agency staff gathered in Pickstown, SD September 24, 2013 for a burn school focused on eastern redcedar.  John Ortmann explained the differences between native redcedars and the improved varieties developed by foresters, and the invasive potential of each ecotype.  He explained the typical pattern of redcedar invasion, and the importance of fire residence time in controlling redcedars.  Doug Whisenhunt showed a video of prescribed burning in Nebraska for redcedar control, showcasing techniques for large burns to control large trees on large acreages.

Scott Moats spoke on the need for careful planning prior to conducting a prescribed burn.  He covered the components of a burn plan and considerations for each stage in the planning process.  Landowners who brought maps of their acreage were able to better visualize the challenges and solutions to their prescribed burn planning through the use of sand tables.  A field trip to a nearby Army Corp of Engineers site that was burned this year ended the program.  Attendees suggested that the next step would be to actually practice burning redcedars.

This video discusses sandtable construction and how to use a sandtable.