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Doane University Training Burns (Various Dates)

  • 6800 SW 72nd St Denton, NE, 68339 United States (map)

Burns are conducted with private land owners and managers in the Crete/Lincoln, NE areas with the goal of providing training to landowners, volunteers and students who want to increase their experience with prescribed fire, especially so that they can burn their own land or assist others. Lead Brad Elder acts as an advisor and line boss while the landowner or manager serves as burn boss. Most crew members are retirees or students (mainly from University of NEbraska-Lincoln and Doane University) with little or no fire experience; a special emphasis is placed on providing hands-on training for these individuals during a burn operation. NQCG training courses are not required to participate in these trainings, so they provide a straightforward means for private landowners and students to gain experience.

Contact Brad Elder for more information.