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Northeast Oklahoma TREX

  • Vinita, Oklahoma United States (map)

In the field, hands-on training in prescribed fire planning, preparation, and implementation, along with classroom sessions on fire ecology and fireline communications, will combine to form a busy week for participants in the first TREX (training exchange) ever for Oklahoma. We will be burning on several sites in an oak-pine ecosystem in northeast Oklahoma.

This training is for all interested in fire practitioners and no NWCG certification is necessary to participate. College students, private landowners, tribal members, and fire fighters who are interested in learning more about utilizing prescribed fire as a land management tool are all welcome. Registration for this training is limited to 20 people.

Training and bunkhouse lodging are provided free of charge.

What is a TREX?

A prescribed fire training exchange, or TREX, is a novel training event that brings together fire practitioners from diverse backgrounds to obtain hands-on fire experience, share knowledge and expertise, and better understand the art and science of fire management and ecology.

What is the Fire Learning Network?

The Fire Learning Network (FLN) engages dozens of multi-agency, community-based projects to accelerate the restoration of landscapes that depend on fire to sustain native plant and animal communities. By restoring this balance, the ecological, economic and social values of the landscapes can be maintained, and the threat of catastrophic wildfire can be reduced. Collaborative planning, implementation, adaptive management and the sharing of lessons learned are at the core of the FLN. Workshops, peer learning and innovative fire training are just a few of the mechanisms the network uses.

What is the difference between TREX and other available training?

The TREX model is rooted in a hands-on approach, so participants walk away with experiences that it could take years to accrue in other settings. Further, the TREX model relies on diverse participation, which enables a uniquely rich learning environment, and it offers a blend of fireline, ecology, and media and communications training that is unprecedented in typical training events.

Why not just burn?

Why all the extra training? Fire management is inherently complex, involving not only fire behavior experience and situational awareness, but also an understanding of local ecology and natural resource issues, incident management and media communications, regulations and permitting, and more. The TREX model engages all of these pieces, and participants finish the training with a well-rounded perspective on fire, in addition to new networks of colleagues from science, management, and other backgrounds.

Who should attend a TREX?

TREX events are intended for anyone interested in building their fire experience and engaging with fire practitioners from other organizations and agencies. TREX events are designed to include and meet the needs of a broad spectrum of fire practitioners, from new firefighters who have never held a drip torch to seasoned fire professionals working on burn boss qualifications, and everything in between.