Calibrate Your Krestrel Weather Meter

Proper calibration of the humidity sensor is important for all Kestrel weather stations. In this video we cover the calibration procedures for the Kestrel weather station. There are three key points to this calibration. First, the calibration chamber must be small to allow the humidity levels to reach equilibrium inside the chamber. Second, there should be no temperature change in any of the components during the calibration. And third, you need to know the temperature/humidity ratio for each salt used during the test. Kestrel only gives you the temperature humidity ratio for a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. That is, if you're calibrating at any other temperature, your calibration will be off. Even so, it will only be off a little. But accurate temperature to humidity ratios can be found online for both the salts used. Magnesium chloride (also found as magnesium chloride hexahydrate) and sodium chloride are the salts used.