Missouri Tree-Ring Laboratory Publications

Guyette, R.P., M.C. Stambaugh, D.C. Dey, J.M. Marschall, J. Saunders, and J. Lampereur. In review. Human and drought influences on the fire history of two northern Wisconsin sands forest ecosystems. 

Hammer, L.D. and M.C. Stambaugh. In review. Environmental gradients and controls of eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana L.) expansion from refugia into diverse landtypes of southwestern Oklahoma. 

Kinkead, C.O., J.M. Kabrick, and M.C. Stambaugh. In review. Thinning and burning in oak woodlands: long-term effects on residual overstory trees. 

Muzika, R., R.P. Guyette, and M.C. Stambaugh, M.C. In review. Fire regime dynamics of the Huron Mountains, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. 

Brose, P.H., R.P. Guyette, J.M. Marschall, and M.C. Stambaugh. In press. Fire history reflects human history in the Pine Creek Gorge of north-central Pennsylvania. Natural Areas Journal.

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