Golden rule for natural resource management

I recently read a 1996 paper by Holling and Meffe that discusses the need to avoid command and control methods of natural resource management and instead embrace variability and adaptive management strategies.  This paper is a great one that describes some of the recent trends in resource management.  The authors emphasize that embracing variability on system appropriate scales should support resiliency. In the fire world, they discuss allowing fires in fire prone ecosystems rather than suppressing them and provide lots of good examples of how to implement this type of strategy. 

Here’s the golden rule they present:
Natural resource management should strive to retain critical types and ranges of natural variation in ecosystems.

C. S. Holling and Gary K. Meffe. 1996. Command and Control and the Pathology of Natural Resource Management.  Conservation Biology, Vol. 10, No. 2: 328-337.