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East River Prescribed Fire Training Exchange

May 1 2017 - May 31, 2017

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During the month of May, crews will conduct a series of controlled burns in the mixed grass prairies of South Dakota. These burns are intended to improve wildlife habitat and range conditions, reduce the possibility of damaging wildfires, and provide training and learning opportunities for the participants. All burning is conducted following the interagency standards set by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group's PMS 310-1, and the training is organized as an incident using the Incident Command System. 

Participants will serve in qualified and trainee firefighting positions on a prescribed fire crew and will assist with preparing, scouting, briefing, igniting, mop-up and patrol on numerous controlled burns. Experience will also be gained in pre- and post-fire monitoring, training with various equipment, fire line leadership skills, local fire ecology, and fire management. 

This training is designed to integrate a diverse group of fire practitioners with all levels of experience, and to safely implement controlled burns while also discussing and learning about local management challenges and opportunities. There will be field trips to areas burned in recent fires with presentations from local ranchers, land managers, and fire practitioners. In addition, participants will practice for and possibly be featured in local media interviews.